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Isobel Algar 2020


"Clown, poet, performance artist, puppeteer, musician...

you name it, Ozzy can do it.

A shapeshifting, kaleidoscopic talent..."

SNOG Bristol 





Isobel 'Ozzy' Algar is an actor and singer with a specialism in comedy. They work with devising and clowning performance practices, and have an interest in binaural sound and interactive theatre. Their solo work includes Europop, Irish folk singing, writing for radio and illustrating comics. Ozzy is a Rising Arts Agency Associate Artist and a board member of Bristol Ideas. They are based in London UK. 

Their most recent project, Hot Boys Bathhouse, a variety show set in a bathhouse from hell, proved to be a cult hit at the Edinburgh Fringe 2022. 

Ozzy graduated from clown school at L'Ecole Philippe Gaulier in June 2022. 

In January and February 2020, they embarked on their first solo European tour

Ozzy Algar is Intimidating. 

On the first of July 2020, they self-published their first comic

The End The End The End The End.

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